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Tim Vitek - 005


Tim Vitek returns with an evolution of his signature sound. Zoe and Bios are the conceptual results of Vitek’s investigation into the Biological and Spiritual Life. “Zoe," as what encompasses the natural universe and eternity. The Biological or “Bios,” as purely coming from nature. Zoe is the transformation from Bios. As Vitek said, “I’ve always kept any serious reference out of my art. However, when designing these modular textures, I heard and saw them changing organically over time. This is what I envisioned the transformation from ‘Bios’ to ‘Zoe’ to be.” Modular textures are becoming a staple of Vitek’s style of sound design. “Zoe” reveals an ever-changing flow of organic, modular drones while the B side "Bios” is a hard, fundamental techno tool. Music IS Grid Based Beats

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